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Ott, 15

DQuid IO, Internet of Things – EN



Internet of things: we make it happen

DQuid gives voice to everyday objects enabling a natural conversation between people and machines. Through smartphones and tablets, you will be able to communicate with your favorite objects, like vehicles, household appliances, healthcare electronics, industrial plants and more.


How it works

All you need is already here. DQuid provides a cloud based development platform to connect your digital things to the future.


Easy to plug and ready to use, DQuid units awaken the unknown intelligence of daily life objects.


A powerful tool to create Apps, a simple development system that allows users to keep in touch with the universe of smart things. DQuid SDK is compliant with iOS and Android.

Cloud Service

Our network services drive the innovation process sharing knowledge and information with the developers community.


Simple as that

Let your objects talk to each other in the same language at the same time.

Develop Apps following your needs and your imagination

Think about interacting with every kind of objects in a simple and instantaneous way, using only your single App to control and manage them. Communication with your world will become more efficient, crossing the brands and markets. A universe of new digital contents is at your fingertips and on your screen.

With new possibilities and technology for all

A 3.0 world activates widespread potential and gives new input to imagination and talent. DQuid gives you the opportunity to tag every object, making it available to users, developers and makers all around the world. All your digital things can be transformed in Things of the Net.

Reassembling society

To connect different physical domains, to mix the virtual with the real world and explore the possibilities of an unknown intelligence. Building a new kind of relationship based on the objects’ real time experiences, perceptions and discoveries. THIS is the goal we would like to meet with you.


Build Your Own World

Use your natural language to create incredible connections.


You will be able to create software applications even if you don’t know the specific communication protocol of the objects. Simple and easy to use, our working framework allows developers and makers to interact with things without any compatibility problems due to differences between products and brands, nomadic devices and embedded systems. DQuid provides its SDK for free. Do it yourself. Do your best.


Just plug in

Combine real and virtual universes.


Our hardware can be easily plugged or even integrated in the target electronic system. This unit speaks to the objects through Serial and OBD ports, sending data to smartphone, tablet and computer using Bluetooth® or wireless connection.
In this way, DQuid things can exchange knowledge increasing their comprehension of the physical world and giving to humans the possibility to better understand their habits and behavior.

Cloud Service

More than a cloud based service for data storage and sharing

An ontological vision for the Internet of Things.

DQuid Network Services

Data coming from the development activity are translated into a human-centered language by our Network Services. They are collected and made available for the community so as to extend, promote and expand the possibility to build cross-object software application. The future of the Internet of Things relies on the possibility to set-up a seamless connection for a world of different objects speaking the same language.

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