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CLIPPGO! Trigg Clips into Resolume from MTC/LTC

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CLIPPGO! Trigg Clips into Resolume from MTC/LTC

Prezzo:  19,90  9,90


Quartz composer MTC trigger patch for mediaserver Video


CLIPGO! is a Quartz Composer PATCH for taking Midi TimeCode/LinearTimeCode source (ltc could be but only via lockstep for translate LTC in MTC and sending it to QC). You can  declare specific timing for any midi trigg via Midi output to Resolume Arena.

It could be useful to launch more than one clip in Arena controlled by SMPTE where clips needed to be selected and launched one by one.

Clippgo! is similar to Qlab or Reaper with Resolume, but easier and faster.
You need just only to set timing for any clips you need in QC, set source ( Midi TC IN ) and output ( Midi Port ), power up your apple midi session into MIDI Studio, and using your video software, no more.



This patch is working on Yosemite 10.10.5 and with Kineme MIDI Tools plugins installed avaiable for free here: KINEME MIDI TOOLS and COGE MTC plugin avaiable here: COGE MTC Receiver

For using with LTC you need to buy and install Lockstep at this link for $ 19 needed to translate LTC to MTC during processing to Quartz Composer.


Version 1 is based on MAC Os X Yosemite 10.10.5 and Quartz composer avaiable from Apple Graphic tools  in developer section for free. MTCReveiver is based from COGE Mtc Receiver plugin from  ( XCODE NOT NEEDED ! Just only graphic tools for Yosemite ).