Martino Cerati | Milano

Ott, 15

Tesseract (HYPER-Cube) from 1024 Architecture – EN


(aka HYPER-Cube) is a 3D moving lights mapped sculpture that react to the sound.

It refers to the geometrical and mathematical Tesseract object, reinterpreted in real life with a 3D moving light array setup.

The installation is a 3d sculptural cube equipped with moving light, where the audience is invited to walk in. A tri-dimentional array of light mounted in an open scaffold construction are able to turn in any direction. Within the cube shape, the spotlights evoke a futuristic world. The installation is in fact no longer sculpture but motion itself: an ever-evolving state of shapeand space of which the spectator is a part.




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New Forms Festival in Vancouver the 13th of september 2013

With the constructive collaboration of  Vancouver artists: Cedric Bomford, Innes Yates, and Reece Terris. Curated by Kate Armstrong and Malcolm Levy.

Signal Festival in Pragues from the 17th to 20th of october 2013

GLOW Festival Eindhoven from 9th to 16th of november 2013

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